nutraCoster – Nutrition Analysis Software

nutraCoster – Nutrition Analysis and Recipe/Formula Costing

nutraCoster provides multiple levels of control and oversight for food production. With a library of approximately 7200 common ingredients, nutraCoster can calculate eligible nutrient content claims. The nutraCoster uses a multi-level bill of materials (MLBM) system to accurately calculate the cost of materials, labor, packaging and overhead. This system allows for unlimited addition of ingredients and process steps within each recipe or formula. Each recipe and its nutritional facts are then saved and can be used as an ingredient for other recipes. The MLBM accounts for setup and assembly time which can work in conjunction with a labor cost calculator to optimize labor costs. It also helps determine which products are most profitable and which ones are losing money.

Find hidden costs and optimize your process with nutraCoster’s multi-level bill of materials and then print out Nutrition Labeling and Education Act compliant labels for all of your products

Calculate nutrition content for any serving size • Create scalable NLEA compliant labels • Create Canadian Food Inspection Agency compliant labels • Nutritional Analysis • Nutrition Labels • Product Costing • Product Pricing • Profitability Reports • Recipe Scaling • Unconditional 45-day money back guarantee • Unlimited no-charge telephone support