Labels - Packaging - Shrink Sleeves

The Derksen Company Adheres to GHS Standards

GHS requires manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors of chemical substances and mixtures to adopt the standard by 1st June 2015. GHS is set to unify communication of hazardous products and replace existing country specific regulations.

Blank Labels

Derksen supplies area companies with blank label stock (set up to their unique size requirements), ribbons and the equipment (including training and continuous support) allowing them to imprint their own customized labels.

Thermal Transfer Pressure Sensitive Labels

• Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing process in which material is applied to paper (or some other material) by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied. Typically these are printed in black ink.
• Thermal Transfer Printing allows companies to efficiently and affordably create professionally produced customized labels for bar coding and/or general identification.
• Derksen stocks a full variety of standard size blank thermal transfer labels on both 1” and 3” cores.
• Derksen can custom produce any non-standard size blank thermal transfer label.

Thermal Direct Pressure Sensitive Labels

• Thermal direct printing requires a heat sensitive label material and will imprint in black ink.
• While printers typically cost less, the direct thermal printed labels are not as durable as thermal transfer printed labels.
• Derksen can custom produce any size thermal direct label.

Ink Jet Pressure Sensitive Labels

• Ink jet printers are capable of printing vivid color labels. Unfortunately, frequent ink cartridge replacement may drive up the daily operating cost.
• Derksen can custom produce any size ink jet label.

Innovative Labels

Derksen works with you to define your brand and help you stand out in the crowd

• Embossing
• Foil stamping
• Cold foil application
• Flexo & screen tactile
• Gloss, matte and thermal receptive varnish: Spot & Floodcoat
• Thermochromic inks
• Glow in the dark inks
• Specialty coatings
• Two sided labels
• Unique packaging and adhesion solutions
• Slip labels for bottles
• Permanent and removable adhesives

Packaging & Shrink Sleeves

Derksen will custom print your package to help communicate your brand

• Candy bar wrappers
• Coffee foil packaging
• Snack chips/pretzels/etc. packaging
• Shrink sleeves for bottles
• Shrink Sleeves for cans

Label Samples

  Bones Virgin Islands Rum Label Sample   Ruby Owl Taproom Crowler Label Sample      Fox River Coffee Co. Hazelnut Ground Coffee Label Sample   Lion's Tail Brewing Company Growler Label Sample      Two James Spirits Old Cockney Gin Label Sample   Piccolo Principe Rosato 2012 Wine Label Sample   Tenaya Creek Calico Brown Ale Label Sample