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6 Tips for Disclosing Pertinent Information While Positively Presenting Your Product

Apr 6

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Inserting the required product information can clutter your label and/or package. Here are 6 recommendations for increasing shelf appeal for your product while maintaining legible, complete and truthful disclosures.

  1. Use free technology to tackle extremely small type. Direct shoppers to leverage their technology. For example, there are free apps for Android and iPhone that convert a smartphone camera into a magnifying glass.
  2. Revisit labels to clarify exactly what needs to be stated on the label & what can be referred. Then include a webpage URL or QR code and phone number. If appropriate hard-copy handouts can be made available.
  3. Emphasize function over form when it comes to label disclosure language. High-contrast dark type on light background tends to work best.
  4. Be totally truthful. This has always been good business. But with consumers becoming more savvy and the increased influence of social media this becomes even more important.
  5. Be extremely careful about the words and images included on a label. Words or symbols connoting health claims must be bullet-proof.
  6. Proofread. A prospective buyer can easily be put off by typos, dosage misstatements and/or poor grammar usage. Besides the inexcusable sloppiness, it raises the question of product quality control in the consumer’s mind.

The author of summed the labeling challenge when he stated: “Visionaries see a day where each ingredient of every product on a shelf can be connected directly to the farm, factory and other stake holders involved in its processing. Now how do you fit all that information on a pack of gum?”
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